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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a sequel to The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window? 

This is the question I am asked THE MOST! The short answer is no, sorry, there won't be a sequel. HOWEVER, there is a FREE bonus short story/catch up with Liam and Amber which you can get HERE. I hope you enjoy!

Will there be a sequel to Nothing Left to Lose or Enjoying the Chase, or maybe even a story for Seth...? 

Nope, there won't, sorry! I know you guys love Anna and Ashton and Nate and Rosie but there won't be any more books in the Guarded Heart series... not even a story for Seth. Sorry to disappoint! I love how passionate you guys are about my couples, but I wouldn't want to put them through any more unnecessary drama or drag out the story for the sake of a sequel. 

A sequel to Always You or Free Falling? 

Free Falling is already kind of a sequel to Always You, however it's more of a companion novel and both can be read as stand alone novels. There will not be a direct sequel to Always You. The ending of Free Falling is a little more open than some of my other books -- this was intentional. The book itself is not really classed as a romance novel in my eyes, more of a YA mystery with some romance thrown in. I know you guys want a sequel, I hear you, and maybe at some point I'll write a short novella following on from Free Falling, but it won't be for a while if it happens as I have other writing commitments. I'll keep you posted if I decide to write a sequel.

Will any of your books be made into movies? 

This is the second most frequently asked question! I wish I could say yes, but nope, none of my books have optioned any movie rights. Trust me, I'll let you know if this changes. 

Do you sell signed books?

At the moment my website store is closed. It's very time consuming to keep track of orders and I simply don't have the time at the moment due to writing commitments. Sorry! Currently the only place to obtain signed books is seeing me in person at a book signing, or winning one on my social media (I run frequent giveaways there so there's always a chance!). 

What signings are you attending in the next year or two? 

**For the foreseeable future I'm only attending UK signings - simply because I'm a HORRIBLE traveller and being on a plane is.... eek. So sorry, just UK signings for the moment. If I ever conquer my fear of flying and enclosed spaces I'm hoping to expand and reach out further, but my last experience on a plane kind of put me off for a while. *sad panda* 

Where can I buy your books?

The digital files are available on all ebook sites like Kindle, Apple Books, Nook, Google Play etc. The paperbacks are available on Amazon and in some cases can be ordered in to bookshops if you ask. The Book Depository is a good place to buy if you can't use Amazon as they offer free worldwide shipping. 

Can you notify me when you have a new release or a sale? 

You have two options here. 

1) I have a sign up where you can opt to be emailed ONLY when I have a new release or sale. You can sign up for that HERE

2) I send a monthly newsletter that has writing updates, exclusive content plus a giveaway in every one. You can sign up for that HERE

How many books do you publish a year? 

One, maybe two. I wish I was one of those writers that can knock out a first draft in a month or so, but sadly, I'm a SLOW writer. Like, really slow. Picture a sloth trying to climb a tree, that's me writing a book. LOL. #SpiritAnimal

What order do I read your books in?

Well, most of my books are stand alones, meaning you can pick one up and read it regardless of whether there are more in the series. I'll list them all here anyway: 

Single titles: 

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window

Poles Apart

Reasons Not to Fall in Love (short novella)

Love For Days series (All can be read as standalones)

1. Man Crush Monday 

2. Stand-In Saturday

3. Fangirl Friday 

Guarded Hearts series (these can both be read as stand alone novels)

1. Nothing Left to Lose

2. Enjoying the Chase

2.5.  One Wild Night (An Enjoying the Chase novella, so that would need to be read first)

Best Friend series (these can both be read as stand alone novels)

1. Always You

2. Free Falling 

Fighting to Be Free series (these are not stand alones. Book 2 is a direct continuation of book 1)

1. Fighting to Be Free 

2. Worth Fighting For

Do you have any tips for aspiring authors?

I do! However, there is another author that has a whole website devoted to helping people write their novel and market it. The website is invaluable and has so many great tools on. So while I could sit here and run through a few tips, I'd never be able to share all this wisdom so eloquently as Alessandra does. So if you're a new writer (or even a well established one that is looking to grow your readership) please do go check out Alessandra Torre Inkers HERE