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How about a little excepts too...

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I watch Heather pick up a black bin bag full of clothes and upend it onto my bed with all my stuff. As I thought, it’s all slinky numbers and nothing like what I usually wear. I frown and push my hand through the pile. A red-and-black-chequered T-shirt dress catches my eye.


“I bought that by accident—impulse buy; it was on sale, and I left it too late to return it,” she says, still looking through the pile for something more suitable.

I make a dive for it and hold it up against myself.

Short sleeves. Mid-thigh. Pockets. Win!

“Ooh, I like this!” I say, already unzipping it at the neck and widening the opening so I can fit it over my hair that I painstakingly teased into loose beach waves for the last half an hour. The dress skims my body perfectly, fitted at the top to emphasize the girls, cinching in at the waist to show off my curves. “I really like this.” I turn back to the mirror, examining myself.

Heather comes up behind me, ripping off the tags and zipping me up. “Pair of black tights to make it more you and then … fucking gorgeous.” She grins at me in the mirror.





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